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Cooper Signs Disaster Recovery Bill PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Thursday, 19 September 2019 09:48
 Governor Cooper signed the following bills into law: 
* Senate Bill 118: Prison Safety/ TANF State Plan/ Clarifications 
* Senate Bill 429: Disaster Recovery – 2019 Budget Provisions   
* House Bill 29: Standing Up for Rape Victims Act of 2019 
* House Bill 75: School Safety Funds, Programs, and Reports 
* Senate Bill 458: PTS Day/ Cardiac Task Force/ Titus’s Law/ Data 
Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on Senate Bill 429: 
"As we push for federal changes to streamline disaster recovery money coming from Washington, our state disaster funding is more important than ever. We know there will continue to be needs, and we will keep working hard to get help to survivors."
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