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Cooper Signs Law Outlawing Female Mutilation PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Monday, 19 August 2019 08:37
Governor Cooper signed the following bills into law: 
Senate Bill 498: Facilitate Response to Disasters
House Bill 724: Truth in Caller ID Act
Senate Bill 9: Female Genital Mutilation/ Clarify Prohibition
Senate Bill 301: Regional School Modifications
Senate Bill 413: Raise the Age Modifications
Senate Bill 366: 9th/10th Grade/ College Transfer Pathways
Senate Bill 190: Expand Special Assessments for Dam Repair
House Bill 872: Underground Utility Safety Act/ Changes
House Bill 228: Modernize Laws Pertaining to NC Medical Board
House Bill 961: Ensuring Authorization of Federal Funds
´╗┐Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on SB 498: "This will cut red tape to allow for a faster response to infrastructure damage after severe weather to help people get back on their feet more quickly."
Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on HB 724: "Whether texts or calls, this law requires transparency on caller ID systems to help North Carolinians avoid scams that steal personal and financial information."
Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on SB 9: "This new law will mean North Carolina joins twenty-eight other states in outlawing the harmful mutilation of girls."  
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