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Cooper Signs Numerous Bills PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Monday, 08 July 2019 13:03


RALEIGH: Governor Cooper has signed the following bills into law:

*     Senate Bill 381: Clarify/ Reconstitute Boards and Commissions 

Gov. Cooper's spokesperson, Ford Porter, shared the following statement on Senate Bill 381:

“Boards and Commissions do important work and this legislation finally puts these in compliance with the constitution, although it should not have taken two years of litigation to force the legislature to get it done."

*     Senate Bill 255: State Board Construction Contract Claim

*     Senate Bill 151: Break or Enter Pharmacy/ Increase Penalty 

*     Senate Bill 448: Amend Appt For Compact on Education/ Military

*     Senate Bill 648: Support Shellfish Aquaculture 

*     House Bill 82: Railroad Crossings/On-Track Equipment

*     House Bill 131: Repeal Map Act

*     House Bill 179: Mini-Truck Classification

*     House Bill 301: CIP Revisions/Juvenile Code 

*     House Bill 548: Modify Physical Therapy Definition

*     House Bill 578: Modify Legitimations Provisions 

*     House Bill 617: Allow Repeat Referral to Teen Court 

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