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Cooper Urges General Assembly To Change Law So Confederate Monuments Can Be Moved PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 22 August 2018 12:37

Statement on Historical Commission Meeting


RALEIGH: Governor Roy Cooper shared the following statement in response to the Historical Commission meeting:





"It is time for North Carolina to realize that we can document and learn from our history without idolizing painful symbols. The General Assembly needs to change its 2015 law so our state and its people have a better path to remove or relocate these monuments safely, and I urge those who object to the monuments to call on their legislators to change the law and support legislative candidates who want to move our state forward."





"The actions that toppled Silent Sam bear witness to the strong feelings many North Carolinians have about Confederate monuments. I don’t agree with or condone the way that monument came down, but protesters concluded that their leaders would not – could not—act on the frustration and pain it caused. I acknowledge, too, those who believe these monuments should stay as they are because they symbolize our history. But they are just one part of our history. North Carolina is welcoming to all, and our most prominent public places should reflect that."

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