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People In Politics
Friday, 20 May 2016 05:19

McCrory. Cooper. Debates. This week, we learned the two major candidates for governor will take to the debate stage to woo votes in the most watched gubernatorial races in the country. Host Donna Martinez talks about the race dynamics – debates, House Bill 2, jobs and the economy, and the presidential candidates – with Rick Martinez, Vice President of News and Information for Curtis Media Group. They also discuss whether North Carolina’s election law changes favor either party. The appeal by the NAACP and other advocacy groups will be heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals next month. At the heart of the criticism is the new requirement to present a photo I.D. to vote. The the panel also discusses the political activism of ice cream moguls Ben and Jerry, who were in North Carolina this week on a political trip. That’s followed by a look at Donald Trump’s strategy to unite Republicans by issuing a list of potential Supreme Court  picks, and the continued surge of Democrat Bernie Sanders. Finally, Martinez talks with an author who has identified Wake County, North Carolina as one of seven counties in the U.S. whose demographics make it a bellwether for which party will win the presidential election.

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