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People In Politics
Friday, 18 March 2011 18:01

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Host Donna Martinez is joined by retired North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr to discuss the Court's recent ruling on third-party access to the North Carolina ballot - a fight waged by the Libertarian and Green parties for several years -- and the potential legislative action that could lower signature requirements for third parties. Orr also discusses the constitutionality of Gov. Perdue's plan to borrow nearly $500 million from specific funds to help pay state income tax refunds, as well as legislative pushes to require a photo I.D. to vote and to put back on the ballot the political party affiliations of judicial candidates.

Then the subject turns to a prediction by Democratic political consultant Joe Trippi, the man who first broadly used the Internet in political campaigns, that social media will propel a third-party candidate past front runners of the major parties and spell the two-party dominance. News Radio680 WPTF talk show host Bill LuMaye and Mike Davis, host of North Carolina's Evening News, offer perspective on this story and on word that former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is assembling a campaign team for a presumed rematch with Gov. Perdue in 2012. That's followed by analysis of changes likely to occur through redistricting based on new Census data. Jonathan Kappler of the North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation discusses which districts will likely see the most change at the congressional and legislative levels. And finally, Tom Jensen of Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling reviews voter opinion on President Barack Obama and the Wisconsin union protests.

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