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State Government
Sen. Berger Urges Gov. Cooper To Drop Budget Medicaid Expansion Ultimatum PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Donna Martinez   
Friday, 19 July 2019 08:52

Senator Pro Tempore Phil Berger issued the following statement:

"The time for Governor Cooper to talk about the budget was last month, when I personally handed him my opening offers on nearly all of the priorities he discussed today and asked for a counter offer. He refused to give one and instead blocked teacher and state employee raises, rape kit testing, and school construction funding over his Medicaid ultimatum.

"Governor Cooper has held the entire budget hostage over Medicaid expansion. If a veto override fails, we have a spending plan based on last year's appropriations. At that point, the Governor can explain to voters why he blocked $24 billion over one policy disagreement. We can discuss a budget once he's dropped his ultimatum."

Governor Cooper Signs the Opioid Response Act and Other Bills Into Law PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Friday, 19 July 2019 08:49
Governor Roy Cooper signed the House Bill 325, the Opioid Epidemic Response Act, to help increase access to medication assisted treatment and expand harm reduction measures to reduce opioid overdose deaths across the state. Gov Cooper was joined by lawmakers from both parties and families affected by the substance abuse crisis. 
The bill garnered widespread support from the General Assembly led by Senator Jim Davis and Senator Gladys A. Robinson. 
The Opioid Epidemic Response Act will:
1. Increase access to office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) for opioid use disorder: Remove duplicative state registration of buprenorphine prescribers that NC doctors widely cite as a barrier to prescribing medication-assisted treatment in the office-based setting. 


2. Save lives by allowing people to test drugs for dangerous contaminants like fentanyl before they use them: Decriminalize the use of paraphernalia designed to test the strength or purity of drugs, such as fentanyl test strips. 


3. Improve the ability of syringe exchange programs to prevent the costly spread of disease: Remove the ban on using state funds to purchase supplies for syringe exchange programs.  


“This new law takes important steps to reduce harm and help doctors treat substance abuse disorder patients, and I appreciate the bipartisan effort to get this bill passed,” said Governor Cooper. “We know that improving access to care is a proven strategy to prevent more opioid deaths, and we need to expand Medicaid to help get more people health care coverage.”
From 1999-2017, more than 13,000 North Carolinians lost their lives to unintentional opioid overdose. Turning the tide of the opioid crisis is one of Governor Roy Cooper’s primary goals. Since the launch of the Opioid Action Plan in 2017, opioid dispensing has decrease by 24% and North Carolina has seen the first major decline in emergency department visits.
In North Carolina half of all people who received emergency hospital care last year with an opioid overdose were uninsured. Medicaid covers a wide range of treatments for individuals with opioid use disorder, including inpatient/outpatient treatment, rehabilitation and medication assisted treatment. Individuals with opioid use disorder who have access to affordable health care through Medicaid are twice as likely as the uninsured to receive treatment.
“Expanding Medicaid is a proven strategy to turn the tide on the opioid crisis,” said DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen. “It is a critical tool that we need to add to our arsenal to respond to this crisis.”


Cooper also signed the following bills into law:
* House Bill 107: PED Oversight/ EPP Changes 
* House Bill 268: Amend On-Site Wastewater Laws 
* House Bill 362: 15-Point Scale for School Performance Grades 
* House Bill 546: Prohibit Counterfeit/Nonfunctional Airbags
* House Bill 620: Street Database/Manual/Public Record Except. 
* House Bill 337: Change Salvage Vehicle Transfer Requirements 
* Senate Bill 606: Prioritize Native NC Plants on Highway ROW
* Senate Bill 462: Modifications to NC Appraisal Board 
* Senate Bill 508: Civil Procedure/Deponent Declaration 
* House Bill 198: Human Trafficking Commission Recommendations 
* House Bill 243: State Human Resources Act Amendments
* House Bill 323: Assess Costs of Local LEO Crime Lab Analysis 
* Senate Bill 29: Move Over Law/Increase Penalties/Amber Lights
Governor Cooper shared the following comment on HB 198: “This bill will help crack down on human trafficking and protect the victims of this horrible crime, and I appreciate both parties coming together make these important updates to our law.”
Governor Cooper shared the following comment on SB 29: “Law enforcement officers like Jason Quick put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. This bill will increase penalties for those who recklessly endanger the lives of our first responders, and I’m proud to sign it in memory of Officer Quick and in honor of all of our first responders.”
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 July 2019 09:28
Governor Coopers Signs Bills PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Friday, 19 July 2019 08:44

Governor Cooper signed the following bills into law:

*     House Bill 656: Medicaid Changes for Transformation

*     Senate Bill 127: Protect Government Accountability

*     Senate Bill 88: Electrician Requirements for Certain Orgs.

*     Senate Bill 313: Performance Guarantee to Streamline Affordable Housing 

*     House Bill 67: Road Barrier Prohibition 

*     House Bill 310: Clarify Insurance Prod'r Crim. Background Check

*     House Bill 812: Nutrient Offset Amendments 

*     House Bill 886: Study Participation of Operators in NC Pre-K 

*     House Bill 917: Emergency Declaration/Clarify Road Closure

*     House Bill 474: Death by Distribution 

*     House Bill 529: Utilities/Water and Wastewater Consumption

*     House Bill 747: NC Missing Person Info. Sharing 

*     House Bill 770: Freedom to Work/Occupational Licensing Board Reform

*     House Bill 871: Fair Contracts 

*     House Bill 924: Teacher Contract Changes

*     Senate Bill 191: Out of State Law Enforcement / 2020 RNC

*     Senate Bill 220: Removal of Political Signs by Citizens

*     Senate Bill 311: Massage Board Membership

*     Senate Bill 355: Land Use Regulatory Changes

*     Senate Bill: 378: Local Econ. Dev. Modifications

*     Senate Bill 394: Changes to Estates and Trusts Statute

*     Senate Bill 399: Rehire High Need Teachers 

*     Senate Bill 525: Textile Historic Site 

*     Senate Bill 594: Register of Deeds Updates 

*     House Bill 224: Assault w/ Firearm on LEO/Increase punishment

*     House Bill 500: Modify Advanced Math Course Enrollment <

*     House Bill 257: Motorcycles/Face Masks 

*     Senate Bill 384: Clarify Motor Vehicle Dealer Laws 

*     House Bill 402: UNC Capital Projects

*     House Bill 492: Simplify Builder Inventory Exclusion 

*     House Bill 758: MSD Expansion and Governance/DACS Study

*     House Bill 106: Inmate Health Care and 340B Program 

*     House Bill 156: Swain County Settlement Trust Fund 

*     House Bill 329: Renewable Energy Amends 

*     House Bill 629: Law Enforcement Mutual Aid 

*     House Bill 761: Clarify Wastewater Permitting Liability

*     Senate Bill 535: Authorize State Park/Clarify Corps Name 

*     House Bill 138: Damage Jail and Prison Fire Sprinkler/Penalty

*     House Bill 735: Adopt Rules Incorporating 2017 Food Code 

*     House Bill 755: Travel Insurance Amendments 

*     House Bill 18: Allow Absentee Ballots/Fire District Election 

*     House Bill 495: No Municipal Reg/Off-Site Wastewater Systems 

*     House Bill 590: Amend Administrative Procedure Laws 

*     House Bill 411: Modify School Qual./ Student Success Indicator 

*     House Bill 668: Various Higher Education Changes 

*     House Bill 757: Pender County/ Butner Property Transfers 

*     Senate Bill 210: Organ and Tissue Donation/ Heart Heroes

*     Senate Bill 297: Cancer Research Advisory Panel 

*     Senate Bill 444: Allow Use of Oyster Shells as Serving Dishes 

*     Senate Bill 316: Affordable Housing 

Last Updated on Monday, 22 July 2019 09:45
Highway Patrol Boots NC State Graduate Intern, Reviews Promotion Process PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Friday, 12 July 2019 08:54

On June 26, members of the State Highway Patrol received notification the organization’s promotion process had been put on hold due to an allegation the testing process had been compromised. Based on the serious nature of this allegation, an internal investigation was immediately initiated. Contact was made with N.C. State University, the promotion process Program Administrator, to make them aware of the complaint and to request that they conduct an independent investigation. 
“The integrity of the promotion process is of the utmost importance," said Colonel Glenn McNeill Jr., commander of the State Highway Patrol.  “For that reason, and in recognition of the potential impact to those members who participated in the current promotional process, I am providing the following updates."

  • N.C. State University is continuing its internal audit and we anticipate they will provide us their findings in the very near future.
  • On June 25, 2019, Ms. Unber Ahmad the graduate student who was employed by N.C. State University to assist with the promotion process, and who was also participating in the Highway Patrol internship program, was removed from the Internship Program and, since her removal, has had no further affiliation with the Patrol.
  • Based on the Highway Patrol’s ethical principles of creditability, integrity and fairness as it relates to the promotion process and its participants, I have decided not to publish the 2019-2020 promotion list provided by N.C. State University.
  • The entire promotion process is currently under review. Based on this review, we will take steps necessary to refine and improve the process used by the Patrol for future promotion opportunities. In addition, effective Monday, July 15, the promotion process will reside under the Professional Standards Section of the Patrol. 

“It is without question that this organization is committed to maintaining high standards of credibility, integrity, and fairness in each of its practices and the promotion process is no exception," said McNeill.  “Please know each step forward will be taken with great care to ensure that the process utilized for promotion opportunities is unimpeachable and in the best interest of our members.”

Last Updated on Friday, 12 July 2019 08:57

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