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Thursday, 10 June 2021 10:41
The North Carolina Values Coalition  issues the following statement: 
“The Senate vote to support HB453, the Human Life Nondiscrimination Act, will save babies. Every innocent life is worthy of protection. The North Carolina Values Coalition calls on Governor Cooper to sign this bill to end discrimination based on race and stigma associated with prenatal screening tests that detect a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Children in North Carolina should not have to pass a genetic test to earn the right to be born” said Julie Scott Emmons, North Carolina Values Coalition Vice President.
According to a recent New England Journal of Medicine study, these tests can lead parents — and even their doctors — to believe their babies have major disorders when they are, in fact, healthy. If we want to eradicate discrimination predicated on race or disability, we must ensure that this protection begins in the womb.
We thank the Primary Bill Sponsors: Rep Pat McElraft (Carteret & Jones); Rep. John Bradford (Mecklenburg); Rep. Kristin Baker, M.D. (Cabarrus); Rep. Dean Arp (Union) for advancing a North Carolina bill to enact protections against the discrimination of unborn children
renatal Diagnosis of Down syndrome
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