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Thursday, 18 March 2021 08:50
The state House unanimously approved legislation (House Bill 91) to expand access to care for children with autism by reducing and streamlining unnecessary regulations. A similar bill in the Senate was unanimously approved on Tuesday. 
“During this process, I have heard from countless families across the state who are desperate to see this happen,” said primary bill sponsor Rep. John Bell (R-Wayne). “This bipartisan bill is a game-changer for thousands of families affected by autism in North Carolina. I want to thank my former colleague Rep. Chuck McGrady for his tireless efforts in previous sessions to get this bill approved. 
Currently, North Carolina is the only state in the country where behavior analysts who provide highly effective treatment to children with autism are required to operate under the supervision of licensed psychologists. 
This has had led to fewer providers, higher costs, and limited access to treatment, particularly in rural areas. 
To remove this barrier and expand access to care for children with autism, House Bill 91 will allow behavior analysts to operate independently and provide treatment directly to those in need, which they are already qualified to do.
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