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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 10:57

AP Emissions Technologies, an automotive exhaust manufacturer, will create 96 new jobs in Wayne County, Governor Roy Cooper announced today. The company will invest $400,000 to expand its e-commerce operations in Goldsboro.

“North Carolina-grown companies, like AP Emissions Technologies know the strength of our workforce, economy and quality of life,” said Governor Cooper. “We are delighted to have this family-owned company continue to invest and create more job opportunities in eastern North Carolina.”

AP Emission Technologies started manufacturing exhaust and emissions products for cars and trucks in 1927. In 1974, the company opened a factory in Goldsboro and added a distribution center in 1995. The company offers a complete line of products to wholesale and retail customers who service the professional automotive repair trade. AP Emissions’ expansion will repurpose the company’s reclamation building to increase the capacity of its e-commerce operations and provide dedicated space in support of this growing segment of their business. The company’s production, warehouse and distribution operations will be expanded to meet the increased sales activity.

“At AP Emissions Technologies we’ve always believed in giving back to our community and we are proud to continue to invest in this area and continue to bring opportunities to the members of the Wayne County community” said Jessica Wolfe, HR Manager at AP Emissions Technologies.  

“When 90-year-old companies reinvest in North Carolina, it underscores our ability to support their long-term success,” said N.C. Commerce Secretary Machelle Baker Sanders. “As one of Wayne County’s largest employers, this expansion will allow AP Emissions Technologies to continue evolving with its e-commerce functions and innovative approaches to manufacturing and distribution.”

The North Carolina Department of Commerce led a team of partners in supporting AP Emission’s decision to locate these operations in North Carolina. New positions include welders, machinists, stockers, forklift operators, setup operators, general and managerial staff. The average annual salary for all new positions is $40,760, creating a potential payroll impact of more than $3.9 million per year. Wayne County’s overall average annual wage is $38,401.

A performance-based grant of $125,000 from the One North Carolina Fund will help with AP Emissions Technologies’ expansion plans. The One NC Fund provides financial assistance to local governments to help attract economic investment and to create jobs. Companies receive no money upfront and must meet job creation and capital investment targets to qualify for payment. All One NC grants require a matching grant from local governments and any award is contingent upon that condition being met.

Partnering with the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina on this project were the North Carolina General Assembly, the North Carolina Global TransPark Economic Development Region, North Carolina Community College System, Wayne Community College, Wayne County, Wayne County Development Alliance and North Carolina’s Southeast.

Sponsors Line Up For Chatham County's 250th Anniversary Celebrations PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 March 2021 16:34
PITTSBORO, NC—With Chatham County’s 250th anniversary about to kick off, the event planning committee is excited to announce the celebration theme sponsors. The Chatham 250 celebration focuses on five main themes: Creative Arts, Community and Diversity, Growth and Change, Agriculture, and Natural Environment. Chatham 250 is grateful to each of the five sponsors - MOSAIC at Chatham Park, Chatham Hospital, BOLD, Mountaire Farms and Duke Energy - for making it possible to celebrate Chatham’s uniqueness, rich history, and promising future during this milestone 250th anniversary.
“The local businesses and organizations that stepped up to help us celebrate Chatham County’s 250th anniversary is as diverse and dynamic as the county itself. None of the sponsors surprised me as they often answer the call to provide support to important local efforts,” said Chatham 250 Co-Chair Renee Paschal. “What is perhaps a bit surprising is the fact that almost every organization we contacted wanted to participate in Chatham 250. I think that is due in part to the terrific efforts of our Fundraising Committee and in part to the generous spirit that permeates our wonderful county.”
“Our theme sponsors have been excellent community partners and Chatham is quite fortunate to have such a faithful and magnanimous group of corporate supporters,” said Chatham 250 Co-Chair Carl E. Thompson, Sr. “Because of them and our fantastic group of volunteers, we look forward to a very successful Chatham 250 celebration.”
The Creative Arts celebration theme sponsor: MOSAIC at Chatham Park 
“The Creative Arts informs all aspects of MOSAIC’s design—whether that’s through building design or free-standing and integrated artistic elements in our community. MOSAIC’s focus on art complements the already-vibrant maker culture alive in Pittsboro and Chatham County.”     
-Kirk J. Bradley, Manager, Eco CP Partners LLC, Developer of MOSAIC, Northwood Landing
The Diversity and Community celebration theme sponsor: Chatham Hospital  
“Chatham Hospital is proud to support the Diversity and Community theme as our mission is to support the health and well-being of those we serve through quality, equitable healthcare and to build partnerships within our diverse community. As a 2020 Recipient of the Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity of Care Honoree award, Chatham Hospital is continuously improving to lead the way in rural health care. We are building an inclusive and equitable culture that encourages and supports the diverse voices of our patients and each other.
During this pandemic, we have also been reminded how the larger community of first responders, EMS, and hospital staff and providers as well as community partners such as the Chatham County Public Health Department have been instrumental in protecting the well-being of our community. Thanks to a generous gift by the Chatham Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program, Chatham Hospital is proud to display an outdoor art piece on our campus to commemorate this collaboration.”
-Jeffrey Strickler, DHA, RN, President, Chatham Hospital
The Growth and Change celebration theme sponsor: BOLD 
“BOLD decided to support the ’Growth and Change’ theme, because we are excited about where Chatham is headed and feel deeply tied to the area. As the Triangle continues to grow, we expect Chatham to transform from being a bedroom community to being an integral part of the Triangle economy. Thanks to years of careful planning and consideration by the county leadership, Chatham will be able to preserve its natural beauty while also providing development opportunities to accommodate growth. This growth will bring positive change for funding of schools, broadband, parks and other desired quality of life improvements. BOLD is excited to support this growth and change coming to Chatham County.”     
-Chris Ehrenfeld, President, BOLD
The Agriculture celebration theme sponsor: Mountaire Farms
“Chatham 250 is an opportunity to celebrate the history and milestones of the past while looking towards a vibrant future. Agriculture is part of Chatham County’s economic foundation and we are committed to its growth. Mountaire Farms is proud to call Chatham County home and we join all in celebration.” 
-Jarrod Lowery, Community Relations Manager, Mountaire Farms
The Natural Environment celebration theme sponsor: Duke Energy
“Duke Energy continues to seize new opportunities to deliver clean energy, build a diverse workforce, engage with our communities and deliver results with an unwavering commitment to transparency. It is fundamental to the makeup of our entire company and in supporting our communities. Being part of Chatham 250 and the Natural Environment celebration theme will help support this important work by celebrating the vibrancy of the Chatham community while honoring its rich history and promising future.”     
-Indira Everett, District Manager, Government and Community Relations, Duke Energy
For the week of March 29 - April 2, Chatham 250 will celebrate and spotlight its celebration theme sponsors. The public is encouraged to follow Chatham County on Twitter and Facebook to see the spotlights featuring images and videos about the sponsors’ commitment to Chatham County and the Chatham 250 celebration themes.  
More details about the Chatham 250 sponsors and celebration events can be found at www.chatham250.com. Those with any questions may contact Hilary Pollan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Chatham County Announces 250th Anniversary Celebrations PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 24 March 2021 09:02
To honor its 250th anniversary, Chatham County will host a series of interactive events for community members throughout the year. The first event, Founding Day, will be held on Saturday, April 10, 2021, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. in downtown Pittsboro. People should follow the balloons from Hanks St. to 204 W. Salisbury St. (St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church) in Pittsboro. This drive-thru event will have nine stations that focus on history and community, with opportunities for individuals and families to share, learn and engage. 
At the first drive-thru station, participants will be greeted by the Chatham 250 co-chairs – Dr. Carl E. Thompson, Sr., Renee Paschal and Lendy Carias – and will receive the supplies they need to get the birthday party started. 
Station Two will feature three reenactors of Chatham County’s original founders where attendees will be greeted on their way in. 
“The reenactor station will have three reenactors portraying historic people: William Pitt, John Brooks and Lucy Worth Jackson,” said the Pittsboro Business Association Membership Chair Cindy Schmidt. “Chatham County was named for William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham. John Brooks was one of Chatham County’s first settlers receiving a 640-acre grant on Tick Creek in 1755. Lastly, Lucy Worth Jackson was the daughter of Jonathan Worth, Reconstruction Governor and War Treasurer of the State, and wife of Joseph John Jackson, an attorney.”
Station Three will feature a drive-thru museum gallery where participants can learn about the life and legacy of Chatham County resident Lewis Freeman. This station will be hosted at Hobbs Architects located at 159 W. Salisbury St. 
“Lewis Freeman was a most remarkable man to have survived and apparently thrived in Chatham County between 1773 and 1847,” said Grim Hobbs, Vice President of Hobbs Architects. “As a free black man, he was able to purchase the freedom of his wife and family members and to acquire significant parcels of land near the center of Pittsboro and in Chatham County. While there is more we‘d like to know about Lewis Freeman, all we do know makes his life a Chatham County and American story worth celebrating.” 
Station Four will feature a “Found It In Pittsboro” activity where community members will be able to find hidden rabbits around downtown Pittsboro from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Five embellished rabbit statues will be hidden on and near Hillsboro St. The first 25 visitors to the Main Street Pittsboro Welcome Center (37 Hillsboro St.) who show a photo of themselves with three of the five statues will receive a $10 voucher to participating downtown businesses. All participants will be entered into a drawing to win one of the statues. 
"The rabbit statues refer to a chapter in Chatham County's history when it was the source for the ‘Chatham Rabbit,’ a delicacy served in the finest hotels and rail cars all along the East Coast," said Main Street Pittsboro Chair Maria Parker-Lewis. "With this symbol of spring, we can have fun and support downtown businesses at the same time.”
In acknowledgement of Pittsboro's thriving creative culture, the rabbit statues will all be creatively embellished by local artists including Theresa Arico Mosaics, Lani Chaves, Sally Gregoire and Darcy Szeremi, many of whom are exhibiting artists at the Pittsboro Gallery of the Arts. 
Station Five will feature the 250 Foundations public art project where Chathamites can participate by placing a rock, adding their piece, sharing their wish and being a founder of this county. Community members will be able to prepare for this station in advance.
“People can either decorate their rock before arriving, adding their name or the name of someone they might want to honor or a symbol that represents them,” said Marcela Slade, Executive Director for Abundance NC. “Since these rocks will be displayed outside, they should be decorated with something that will last, like acrylic paint or enamel. If people would rather not decorate they can wish upon the rock something they would like to see happen this year...or give thanks for something that has already happened.”
More information on the 250 Foundations public art project can be found at www.chatham250.com.
Station Six will feature an introduction to the Chatham 250 Time Capsule, where participants will be able to contribute their piece of 2021 history. As part of Founding Day and throughout the Chatham 250 celebration, volunteers will be collecting items for inclusion in the official Chatham 250 Time Capsule. The Time Capsule will include items representing current events and the way of life of Chatham County in its 250th year, 2021. The Time Capsule will be sealed at the conclusion of Chatham 250 in Fall 2021 and it is not to be opened again until Chatham County’s 300th year, in the year 2071. Suggested items community members can contribute to the Time Capsule may be found at www.chatham250.com.
At the final stations, participants can look forward to a birthday party theme. There will be a goodie bag, piñata raffle and a sweet treat for people to take home. The piñatas, purchased from local tiendas in Siler City, Tienda El Centro and La Guadalupana, will be raffled off for free. Each person to drive through will be allowed to enter their name into one of the two raffles. The piñatas will be filled with Hispanic candies traditionally used for piñatas. As for the sweet treat, there will be chocolate and vanilla cake pops for the first 250 people to drive through. Chatham 250 is excited to be working with Pittsboro bakery, Carolina Cravings, to supply the cake pops. The cake pops are generously donated by Main Street Pittsboro. Lastly, participants can look forward to goodie bags with a coloring page, a miniature American Flag, bubbles, and more items inside.
In order to enjoy Founding Day to its full extent, residents can make an entire day out of it. The Pittsboro Business Association is encouraging businesses that are open to participate in the festivities. Participating businesses will have a balloon outside. Please note that road construction in downtown Pittsboro will not affect access to Founding Day events or businesses that are open. 
The Chatham 250 planning committee would like to give a special thank you to Founding Day sponsor, the Town of Pittsboro. Check out the official Facebook event for Founding Day at https://fb.me/e/1j2IXYzWr. For more information on Founding Day, and other Chatham 250 activities, visit www.chatham250.com. 
Henderson County Manager Announces Retirement PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 19 March 2021 16:27

Henderson County Manager, Steve Wyatt, has announced his intention to step down from the position that he has held since March 2006.

“County Government never sleeps; it is a 365/24/7 operation. The men and women on the front lines, protect and serve with little fanfare. They deserve credit. They have my respect and gratitude. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your County Manager, to seek solutions to our challenges and to strengthen our position as we face tomorrow.

The fifteen years I have spent working with the Commissioners and staff of Henderson County have been the highlight of my thirty-eight year professional career. However, ‘for everything, there is a season’, and an appropriate time, and I believe this to be the time to close this chapter and begin, God willing, the next.

The County is in a strong position financially and is blessed with competent, capable leadership from the Board of Commissioners and throughout each county department. The foundation is solid and the best days for our County lie ahead. I am grateful to have been a part of laying this foundation.”

For perspective, during Wyatt’s tenure as County Manager, there have been four different Henderson County School Superintendents, four Henderson County Sheriffs, and three Presidents of Blue Ridge Community College. The Eleventh District has had four different Congressmen, there have been four North Carolina Governors, and four U.S. Presidents.

Wyatt will remain until the Board of Commissioners install his successor.



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