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The Campaign Trail
By Donna Martinez   
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 08:41
Biden for President released a new batch of ads nationally and in battleground states, including Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, that address the concerns of millions of Black Americans who fear their lives are at risk under a second Trump administration. 
Airing nationally on television and digital platforms, the new ‘Shop Talk’ ad series incorporates socially distanced conversations among Black men at a Black-owned barber shop in North Carolina. The first two 30-second ads of the series, “Shop Talk Our Right” and “Shop Talk Trust” showcase Black men discussing their support for Vice President Biden and Senator Harris and trusting in their leadership to guide Americans to a better tomorrow. 
"’We see what this President's currently doing. We've got 170,000 Americans dead because of COVID. There's this lack of trust,’ explained Antoine, one of the Black men featured in the ‘Shop Talk Trust’ ad,” as reported by CBS News.
“One ad in particular features Malik Gary, a 22-year-old essential worker from Tallahassee, Florida who has no choice but to take risks associated with COVID-19 in order to keep his job,” as reported by BET. “Gary mirrors many Black millennials in the fact that he is not just sitting back and waiting for the world to change. He wants to be a part of that change.”
“The Biden-Harris Build Back Better platform is one of the most comprehensive economic reinvestment plans I’ve ever seen from a presidential campaign,” Milliones told Essence. “The commitments made to invest billions into Black businesses, small business and low-moderate income communities is pivotal and should be taken seriously.” 
The latest ad release shows the campaign’s continued push to reach Black voters while offering a snapshot of how different groups of Black Americans are dealing with the reality of the current moment. The ads are all part of Vice President Biden and Senator Harris’ commitment to earning every vote from Black Americans and the campaign’s investment in African American media, which is the largest ever for a general election campaign.  
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