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List Of The July 17 Primary Runoff Election Races PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Friday, 06 July 2012 14:19

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Early voting is underway for North Carolina's primary election on Tuesday, July 17. The ballot features runoffs for statewide office, congressional races, and legislative races.

The five Council of State runoffs are:
NC LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR - Republican (Dan Forest, Tony Gurley)
NC COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE - Republican (Richard Morgan, Mike Causey) 
NC COMMISSIONER OF LABOR - Democrat (Marlowe Foster, John C. Brooks) 
NC SECRETARY OF STATE - Republican (Kenn Gardner, Ed Goodwin)
NC SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION - Republican (John Tedesco, Richard Alexander) 
The three congressional runoffs are:
US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 8 - Republican (Richard Hudson, Scott Keadle)
US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 9 - Republican (Jim Pendergraph, Robert Pittenger)
US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 11 - Republican (Mark Meadows, Vance Patterson)
The seven legislative runoffs are:
NC STATE SENATE DISTRICT 12 - REP (Don Davis, Ronald Rabin) 
NC STATE SENATE DISTRICT 21 - DEM (Billy R. King, Robert B. Clark III)
NC STATE SENATE DISTRICT 41 - REP (Jeff Tarte, John Aneralla) 
NC STATE SENATE DISTRICT 44 - REP (Chris Carney, David Curtis) 
NC HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 6 - REP (Mattie Lawson, Arthur Williams) 
NC HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 32 - DEM (Nathan Baskerville, Jim Crawford)
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