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The Campaign Trail
Anti-Bond Referendum Effort Emerges Online PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Thursday, 07 January 2016 06:13

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - A grassroots online effort to oppose the $2 billion infrastructure bond that goes before voters March 15 has emerged online with a website and Facebook page.

Againstthebond.com urges North Carolinians to vote no and includes a petition for opponents to sign to express their dissatisfaction with what the site deems "robbing from our children's future."

Organizer Nicole Revels says she is concerned about taking on more debt and that if projects are necessary, they should go through the legislative appropriation process.

Revels said the petition had about 200 signatures as of late Wednesday. She acknowledged the uphill battle her effort faces due to bipartisan support for the package.

Supporters officially kicked off their campaign Tuesday with a powerhouse of Republicans and Democrats on hand. Gov. Pat McCrory, Republican House Speaker Tim Moore, and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue were among the speakers who endorsed the bond.

Bond information can be found at connect.nc.gov.

Bipartisan Political Powerhouse On Hand For Pro-Bond Campaign Kickoff PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 06 January 2016 06:01

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Republicans and Democrats joined together in a bipartisan campaign Tuesday to officially kick off the effort to convince voters to give a thumbs up to a $2 billion infrastructure bond that will appear on the March 15 primary ballot.

Among those endorsing the bond: Gov. Pat McCrory, House Speaker Tim Moore of Cleveland County, Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue of Wake County, and various members of the Council of State.

The kickoff was emceed by former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, who is co-chairman of the bond campaign.

The governor talked about the projects that would be funded if the bond passes and emphasized that the bond will not require a tax increase.

Projects include local water and sewer infrastructure, upgrades to National Guard amories, new labs for the state's universities and community college facilities, and improvements for some state parks and the North Carolina Zoo.

Sen. Blue focused on funding that would flow to areas of the state that have not enjoyed the robust recovery of the major metropolitan areas. Projects would impact 76 counties.

No formal opposition to the bond's passage has yet to emerge. Some conservative talk show hosts and bloggers have expressed concern about number of projects and the wisdom of borrowing rather than funding the projects through regular operating funds.

The last statewide bond package to be passed by voters was in 2000, when a $3.1 billion bond for the UNC System and Community College System.

Details on the bond can be found at http://connect.nc.gov/

Former Mecklenburg County GOP Chairman Appointed to State Board of Elections PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 05 January 2016 07:13

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - Grant Whitney, Jr. will take a seat on the state Board of Elections. The former chairman of the Meckleburg County Republican Party will fill the unexpired term of Josh Howard, who resigned effective Jan. 1.

Whitney was appointed by Gov. Pat McCrory. He will serve through May 2017.  
Whitney has been a partner at Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein, LLP since 1979. He practices in commercial real estate and property transactions.

He is a graduate of Wake Forest University.

Trump, Carson and Rubio All Coming To North Carolina Friday PDF Print E-mail
The Campaign Trail
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 05 January 2016 06:17

RALEIGH, (SGRToday.com) - North Carolina voters who want a close-up look at three Republican presidential candidates will have their chance Friday.

Published reports say GOP frontrunner Donald Trump will hold a rally in Charlotte while retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson will be in town for a fundraiser. Three hours east, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will be in Raleigh for a rally and fundraiser Friday evening.

North Carolina holds its presidential primary March 15. Neighboring South Carolina is among the first states to do so: February 20.

Trump's rally be held at the Winthrop Coliseum. Carson's event reportedly will be held at the Myers Park Country Club. Rubio's rally will be held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.


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