Governor Cooper Signs 7 Bills But Vetoes Charter School Bill PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 25 August 2021 09:57
Governor Roy Cooper signed the following bills into law:


House Bill 78: Various Education Changes

House Bill 461: State Auditor Clarifying Amendments
House Bill 273: Modify Builders Inventory Tax Exclusion
Senate Bill 299: NCDOI NAIC Accreditation.-AB
House Bill 84: Sex Offender Premises Restrictions
House Bill 481: Firearm Disposal/UNC Campus Police
House Bill 366: Regulatory Reform Act of 2021


Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 729: Charter School Omnibus. Governor Cooper made the following statement on HB 729:

"The State Board of Education is constitutionally and statutorily charged with administering children’s education in state public schools, including charter schools. It is critical that the Board have both of their appointments to the Charter School Advisory Board to carry out its constitutional duties."
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