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Cooper Signs Bills; Vetoes Remove Foreign Citizens From Voting Rolls Bill PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Thursday, 28 November 2019 09:57
Governor Cooper signed the following bills into law: 
Senate Bill 683: Combat Absentee Ballot Fraud
Senate Bill 559: Storm Securitization
Senate Bill 537: Licensing & HHS Amends & Rural Health Stable
House Bill 111: 2019-2021 Base Budgets/Certain Agencies
House Bill 470: Administration of Justice Changes
Senate Bill 433: DNCR Omnibus & Other Changes
Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on Senate Bill 683:
"This legislation restores Saturday voting before election day which is one of the most popular and convenient days to vote. This will help reduce long lines on election day and make it easier for people to have their voices heard."
Governor Cooper also vetoed the following bill:
Senate Bill 250: Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls
Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on Senate Bill 250:
"Only citizens should be allowed to vote. But blocking legitimate voters from casting a ballot is a risk we cannot take when the law already prevents non-citizens from voting and has legitimate mechanisms to remove them from the rolls. This legislation creates a high risk of voter harassment and intimidation and could discourage citizens from voting."
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