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Governor Signs Bills Providing Raises For Many State Employees; Vetoes Medicaid Transformation PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 09:09

Gov.Roy Cooper signed the following bills into law:

*     House Bill 609: Salary Increase/ Adult Correctional Employees

*     House Bill 226: Pay Increases/ State Employees

*     House Bill 126: Pay Increases/ State Highway Patrol

*     House Bill 554: Funeral Practice Licensure Tech. Corrections

*     House Bill 777: Increases/ SBI & ALE

Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on House Bill 226:

"We appreciate our hardworking state employees across North Carolina. However, Republicans are insisting that teachers get a smaller pay raise than other state employees. This hurts our efforts to attract and keep highly qualified teachers in every classroom. I urge Republican legislators to pass a pay raise that doesn't shortchange teachers. In addition, this bill provides for a pay raise for the Governor. I have today donated the pay raise for the year in the amount of $3,682 to Donors Choose which provides funds to teachers directly in the classroom with supplies and other needs."

Gov. Cooper also vetoed the following bill:

*     House Bill 555: Medicaid Transformation Implementation

Gov. Cooper shared the following comment on House Bill 555:

"Passing mini-funding bills that simply divvy up the vetoed Republican budget is a tactic to avoid a comprehensive budget that provides for health care and other important needs like education. Health care is an area where North Carolina needs us to do more, and to do it comprehensively."







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