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Three Charged for Counterfeit Trademarks in Rockingham County PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 24 April 2019 14:29

Three people are facing counterfeit trademark charges following the seizure of $75,000 worth of counterfeit sports apparel and designer accessories from a store in Eden.

Responding to a tip, NC Secretary of State (NCSOS) Agents on April 4, 2019 discovered counterfeit apparel including t-shirts, jerseys and hats for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college teams at Hats and Things, a store located at 1000 Washington Street. Agents also discovered fake Nike Air Jordan shoes, and Gucci, Burberry and Yeezy accessories in the store.

Charged are store owners Lawrence Breedlove, 60, of Reidsville; his brother, Kenneth Wade Breedlove, 58, of Martinsville, Virginia; and Jean Elizabeth Breedlove, 66, of Martinsvsille, Virginia. Each is charged with misdemeanor possession with the intent to sell and deliver counterfeit merchandise. 

Other trademark enforcement actions in Rockingham County last week resulted in the seizure of additional counterfeit goods with an estimated retail value of $250,000.

Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall on Friday thanked the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, the Eden Police Department, and Homeland Security Investigationsfor their assistance in these trademark enforcement actions. “These enforcement actions took $325,000 worth of illegal goods off the streets in Rockingham County. Counterfeit goods harm honest manufacturers and merchants, and can help fund organized crime and even terrorist organizations.”


The North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State has the statutory duty to enforce laws that protect the holders of state and federally registered trademarks.

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