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Supporters and Opponents Of HB2 Pan Cooper Compromise PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:13
Opponents and supporters of HB2 had negative reviews of Governor Roy Cooper's three pronged compromise to repeal the controversial law that requires transgenders to use the public restroom of their birth, not identity. 
Cooper's proposal would:
  • Repeal HB2
  • Toughen penalties for sexual crimes committed in bathrooms and dressing rooms.
  • Force local governments to give 30 days’ notice before it votes on nondiscrimination ordinances, similar to the Charlotte ordinance that spawned HB2.
Chris Sgro of Equality NC, an HB2 opponent,  said in a statement:
"Today’s proposal was unnecessary. Charlotte and other cities have in the past carefully considered protecting LGBTQ citizens against discrimination. We all know that transgender people do not pose a public safety risk and should be protected from discrimination, not made the targets of it as HB2 does. Let us be very clear about what’s going on. Tim Moore and Phil Berger are acting against the best interest of our state and the LGBTQ community,” said Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro. “They are treating our economy like a political football and trying to cast blame on everyone else for their failure to actually repeal HB2 in December. At this point, we all know what the answer is -- full repeal of HB2. Only a full repeal of HB2 will fix our state, allow businesses to come back and allow for the safety of LGBTQ North Carolinians. Every day that Berger and Moore play politics with our state, is a day LGBTQ North Carolinians live in danger and one that our state cannot prosper.”
Tammi Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition, an HB2 supporter, said in a statement, 
"The Governor’s “compromise” is simply a re-branding of Roy Cooper's Bathroom Plan to allow grown men unrestricted access into girl's bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities, which increases the risk of sexual assault and compromises the privacy and dignity of all women."
"Once a man is given free access to women’s bathrooms by repealing HB2, increasing his criminal penalties for sexual assault is like granting thieves free access into the privacy of your home with a promise to only prosecute them if you witness them stealing. A repeal, as outlined by Cooper, is also an invitation to city leaders, who are anxious to pass Charlotte-type ordinances, to force Cooper’s bathroom plan on the entire state and force business owners to choose between government coercion to participate in events and speech which violate their beliefs or suffer frivolous and costly lawsuits."
"Governor Cooper needs to explain to the people of North Carolina why he values political correctness over respecting and protecting the privacy and safety of women and children."
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