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Cooper Proposes 3-Pronged Plan To Repeal HB2 PDF Print E-mail
State Government
By Donna Martinez   
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 11:19
Governor Roy Cooper has proposed a three pronged proposal to repeal House Bill , the legislation that requires transgenders to use the public bathrooms of their biology and not their gender identity. However, HB2 created such a backlash that the NBA pulled this year's All-Star weekend from Charlotte and the ACC pulled its championship games from North Carolina. The NCAA followed suit and Cooper mentioned in a news conference that the state may lose the NCAA championship venues for up to six years if HB2 is not repealed soon. Cooper was joined by Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue and House Minority Leader Darren Jackson, both of Wake County. 
Cooper's proposal would:
  • Repeal HB2
  • Toughen penalties for sexual crimes committed in bathrooms and dressing rooms.
  • Force local governments to give 30 days’ notice before it votes on nondiscrimination ordinances, similar to the Charlotte ordinance that spawned HB2
Cooper said he wanted an HB2 resolution by the end of the month to preserve the 133 bids North Carolina communities have into the NCAA to host championship venues. The governor said these bids could bring up to $500 million of local economic impact to the state.
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