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Wednesday, 24 June 2020 13:30

Senator Wiley Nickel, State Senator for the 16th Senate District (Cary, Morrisville & NW Raleigh), calls on DEMLR to stop the frenzied efforts of Wake Stone Corporation to quarry land neighboring William B. Umstead State Park. After listening to extensive comments from local residents on the harms of this potential quarry, and as a public official, father, and resident of the RDU area, Senator Wiley Nickel states:

“Like many residents of the RDU area, I’ve followed Wake Stone and RDU’s actions in relation to the Odd Fellows tract with disgust. Over the last few years, I’ve seen the voices of locals silenced, small business leaders ignored, and environmental justice thrown to the wayside in favor of corporate greed.

The dangers of this potential pit are numerous, but center around the following areas: (1) Environmental Damage. This quarry would cause direct harm to fragile wetlands, the neighboring state park, and necessary woodland areas. (2) Public Health Concerns. Individuals who live near the quarry and folks who utilize the highly trafficked Old Reedy Creek entrance of Umstead State Park, as well as Black Creek Greenway, will be choked by sediment and put at risk of long-term health impacts by nearby blasts. (3) Economic Impact. This quarry will be a disaster for local businesses and real estate companies who rely on a healthy, thriving recreation scene to pull in new hires and residents.

Beyond the numerous clear flaws of this potential quarry, its creation would set a destructive precedent for North Carolina: the first private rock quarry on public land in the state. Let that sink in. The first private rock quarry on public land in North Carolina. If this permit is granted, what comes next?

I sincerely hope and pray that the Division of Energy, Minerals, and Land Resources will stand on the side of reason and deny this dangerous, poorly planned permit request. Granting Wake Stone Corporation permission to quarry this forested gem would be a disaster for our environment, the health of my constituents, and the State as a whole.”


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