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Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Elects New Chief PDF Print E-mail
Local Government
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 18 September 2019 09:24
Cherokee, N.C. – Current Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Principal Chief Richard Sneed was elected for a four-year term as principal chief last Thursday. Chief Sneed was elected with 55 percent of the vote, defeating Teresa McCoy. The elections were open to enrolled members of the EBCI.
“It is a great honor to have been elected to serve the people of the Eastern Band as their Principal Chief,” said Sneed. “Our tribe has seen significant growth in recent years and it’s important to continue stabilizing our government as we continue to grow - recognizing our meaningful history with North Carolina while building a strong future for our community.”
Chief Sneed’s race was part of a slate of elections for the tribe, including Alan B. Ensley who was elected Vice Chief over Jim Owle.  
Other winners: 
Big Cove Council
Richard French, 254 (30.86)
Perry Shell, 217 (26.37)


Big Y/Wolfetown Council
Bo Crowe, 717 (42.30)
Chelsea Saunooke, 409 (24.13)


Birdtown Council
Boyd Owle, 682 (34.43)
Albert Rose, 589 (29.73)


Painttown Council
Dike Sneed, 260 (30.37)
Tommye Saunooke, 255 (29.79)


Yellowhill Council
David T. Wolfe, 337 (39.14)
Tom Wahnetah, 250 (29.04)


Snowbird/Cherokee County Council

Adam Wachacha, 337 (36.83)

Bucky Brown, 294 (32.13)


Big Y School Board

Tara Reed-Cooper, 138 (60.53)

Painttown School Board

Regina Ledford-Rosario, 363 (100)

Yellowhill School Board
Jennifer Thompson, 398 (100)


“I congratulate all the candidates who chose to pursue running in this important political process. And for those who were elected alongside me, I look forward to working with each of you to continue our tribe’s progress in the years ahead,” said Sneed. 
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