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Rusty Pipes Lead To Brown And Green Water In Gaston County Town PDF Print E-mail
Local Government
By Administrator   
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 16:06

DALLAS, N.C. (AP) — Many of the residents in the Gaston County city of Dallas are tired of drinking, washing clothes and bathing with brown and green water.

The Gaston Gazette reports the Dallas municipal water system is working on a $4 million solution to for its 80-100-year-old water system. The discolored water comes from mineral deposits in the old rusty pipes.
The city's public works director says the brown water is not a health risk and the mayor recommends running the water until the discoloration dispenses.
The city is to replace the pipes in the fall and city officials estimate a completion date of fall 2013.
Some residents are sticking to bottled and boiled water in the meantime.
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