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UNC Board Of Governors Chair-Elect Announces Committee Assignments PDF Print E-mail
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 03 July 2018 08:50
UNC Board of Governors Chair-Elect Harry Smith has announced assignments for the 2018-2019 UNC Board of Governors standing and special committees. These committees play a critical role in developing policy recommendations and ensuring oversight of the university system. The assignments will go into effect on July 1, 2018.
“This Board is about good governance for the UNC System and greater accountability for the taxpayers of North Carolina,” said Chair-Elect Smith. “We want to make informed decisions and identify solutions for this state—and these committee appointments are a big part of the strategy. I’m also looking forward to the newly created committees tackling big issues like serving our student veterans and our historically minority-serving institutions.”
The UNC Board of Governors is responsible for the planning, development, and overall governance of the state’s public university system. Its 28 voting members are elected by the NC General Assembly for four-year terms.
“This new slate of committee members will further our efforts to implement the Board’s Strategic Plan and meet our shared goals of improving student access and success and ensuring college affordability for all citizens of North Carolina,” said UNC System President Margaret Spellings. “We want to build a college-going culture in this state—and thanks to Chair-Elect Smith’s leadership—we have the right Board members in the right places to make this a reality.” 
The new committee assignments include: 
Committee on Budget and Finance (7 Voting Members)
O. Temple Sloan (Chair)
Robert A. Rucho (Vice Chair)
Carolyn L. Coward (Secretary)
Darrell T. Allison
Thomas H. Fetzer
James L. Holmes, Jr.
W. Marty Kotis, III
Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs (6 Voting Members)
Anna S. Nelson (Chair)
Robert P. Bryan, III (Vice Chair)
M. Ann Maxwell (Secretary)
Walter C. Davenport
Joe T. Knott, III 
Steven B. Long
Bettylenah Njaramba
Committee on Personnel and Tenure (7 Voting Members)
Wendy F. Murphy (Chair)
Kellie Hunt Blue (Vice Chair)
H. Frank Grainger (Secretary)
W. Louis Bissette, Jr.
N. Leo Daughtry
Thomas C. Goolsby
R. Doyle Parrish
Committee on University Governance (7 Voting Members)
David M. Powers (Chair)
J. Alexander Mitchell (Vice Chair)
William A. Webb (Secretary)
Pearl Burris-Floyd
C. Philip Byers
Randall C. Ramsey
Michael L. Williford
Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance (5 Voting Members)
James L. Holmes, Jr. (Chair)
Thomas H. Fetzer (Vice Chair)
Thomas C. Goolsby (Secretary)
Robert A. Rucho
William A. Webb
Committee on Public Affairs (5 Voting Members)
C. Philip Byers (Chair)
W. Marty Kotis, III (Vice Chair)
Joe T. Knott, III (Secretary)
N. Leo Daughtry
R. Doyle Parrish
Committee on Strategic Initiatives (7 Voting Members)
J. Alexander Mitchell (Chair)
Michael L. Williford (Vice Chair)
Robert P. Bryan, III (Secretary)
Pearl Burris-Floyd
M. Ann Maxwell
Anna S. Nelson
David M. Powers
Bettylenah Njaramba
Committee on Healthcare (5 Voting Members)
O. Temple Sloan, III (Chair)
N. Leo Daughtry (Vice Chair)
Carolyn L. Coward (Secretary)
W. Louis Bissette, Jr.
Randall C. Ramsey
Committee on Historically Minority-Serving Institutions (5 Voting Members)
Darrell T. Allison (Chair)
Steven B. Long (Vice Chair)
Walter C. Davenport (Secretary)
Kellie Hunt Blue
Wendy F. Murphy
Subcommittee on Laboratory Schools (5 Voting Members)
C. Philip Byers (Chair)
Darrell T. Allison
Robert P. Bryan, III
H. Frank Grainger
M. Ann Maxwell
Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs (6 Voting Members)
William A. Webb (Chair)
Thomas C. Goolsby (Vice Chair)
R. Doyle Parrish (Secretary)
N. Leo Daughtry
David M. Powers
Michael L. Williford
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