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Bill Would Challenge Athletic Conferences That Pull Events From NC Because of HB2 PDF Print E-mail
By Administrator   
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 13:30
The state of North Carolina could file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against sports organizations (like the ACC and NCAA) 
who use sporting events as a lobbying tool under legislation filed at the General Assembly. 
The bill, the “Athletic Associations Accountability Act,” would require General Assembly leaders to challenge the non-profit status of athletic leagues and conferences that use sporting events as tools to advance a political agenda. 
In September, the NCAA pulled seven championship events from North Carolina in protest of the passage of HB2, which among other things, requires transgenders to use the bathroom of their biological sex. 
Specifically, the bill states “the taxpayers of North Carolina should not be required to support the NCAA’s and the ACC’s lobbying efforts against duly enacted state law through the organizations’ continued status as 501(c)(3) tax‑exempt organization.”
The bill is sponsored by Representatives Mark Brody, Chris Millis;  Larry Yarborough, Larry Pittman and Beverly Boswell.
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