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Spellings Likes Proposal To Reduce Board Of Governors PDF Print E-mail
By Administrator   
Sunday, 19 February 2017 06:40
UNC System President Margaret Spellings issued a statement that supports a legislative proposal to reduce the membership of the Board of Governors which oversees the state's 17 campuses. 
"The General Assembly’s proposal to reduce the size of the Board of Governors fits with a natural pattern of modern and effective governance and greater operational efficiency. We have the opportunity to find the right balance in governance and accountability—system-level governance should remain focused on broad goals and accountability measures. As we rise to meet the challenges of a growing state and a more complex economy, getting that balance right is more important than ever.
"Ultimately, it’s about the people, not the number of them—their vision, expertise, and leadership that will help strengthen public education for the citizens of North Carolina.
"Our mission is to create greater opportunity for North Carolina students and families, and we appreciate the legislature’s careful attention to the University’s role in our state."
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