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Counting on short memories PDF Print E-mail
Barlow's Beat
Thursday, 21 June 2012 18:23

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The television advertisements in the presidential campaign are filling North Carolinia’s airtime.  At the end of May, one count reported $10 million has already been spent here.

There are some Romney Super PAC ads that are trying to sell the line that the economy has failed under President Obama.  The cure, of course, is to elect someone else.

Mr. Obama’s Republican opponent, former Gov. Mitt Romney, is campaigning hard on the bad economy.  He can fix it, he says, because he has been a businessman.

He and the Republican Super PACs are like the teenager who shoots both of his parents and then asks the court for mercy because he’s an orphan.

The truth on the economy is that it has made progress since 2009, when Mr. Obama took office.  One of the big reasons for the halt to rising unemployment was Mr. Obama’s economic stimulus.

This is not fiction like the continuing myth that Mr. Obama wasn’t born an American.  One can check the records and see the unemployment figures dropping once the stimulus money began to flow into the economy.  And the government’s loans to General Motors and Chrysler got the automakers back on their wheels, saving thousands of manufacturing jobs.
But why hasn’t the economy rebounded faster and with more substance?

It’s because the Republican leadership in Congress decided that it would vote against any of Mr. Obama’s economic recovery efforts.  They shot down one proposal after another and continue to thwart Mr. Obama’s current jobs bill.

Rather than put the country’s interests first, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell said it bluntly, “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.”

While Democrats had majorities in both the Senate and the House until 2011, Senate Republicans held enough seats to threaten filibusters on recovery legislation.  Republicans control the House now and nothing gets done.

While the American public’s memory sometimes matches that of a flea, many still remember how we got into the ditch.  President Bush and Republican majorities in Congress time and again approved of huge deficits with no attempt to pay for them.  And Mr. Bush’s war in Iraq drained the country’s treasuries.

The Republicans drove the country into the ditch and they have repeatedly stalled the wrecker truck trying to get the country out of the ditch.

Now, they want the American voter to forget all that and put them again in charge of the economy.  The slow economy is all President Obama’s fault.  If you believe that, there’s an orphan who wants your mercy without telling you how his parents died. 

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