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People In Politics
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 06:34

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They’re legal: so says a three-judge panel about North Carolina’s newly drawn election districts. We bring you reaction to the ruling from a bipartisan judge’s panel about GOP-drawn election maps that had been challenged by Democrats and their allies. Dr. David McLennan of William Peace University weighs in on the very high bar Democrats must seat should they choose to challenge the ruling. Then talk turns to whether the answer to ending political wrangling over the redrawing, which is required every 10 years, is to create an independent redistricting commission. Jane Pinsky of the N.C. Coalition for Government and Lobbying Reform makes the case. Next we turn to the controversy that has ensnared Gov. Pat McCrory over legislation that supporters say would protect the safety of a woman having an abortion, and critics say would limit access to an abortion. Rick Henderson of Carolina Journal tells host Donna Martinez about the tug-of-war over a contentious social issue that had the Republican governor threatening a veto against legislation supported by his own party. Then we delve into the latest twist in the politics of gay marriage. Chris Brook of the North Carolina ACLU explains the basis of his group’s decision to challenge North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage. Last May a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman passed overwhelmingly on the ballot. That’s followed by comments from District 12 Congressman Mel Watt, Democrat who has been nominated by President Obama to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Watt was recently before a Senate committee considering his nomination to the post. Then we have highlights from a news conference held by Gov. Pat McCrory in which he discussed his first six months in office. 
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